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خرید راد پلانجر سرنگ

Plunger Rod is used for drug injection using a prefilled syringe and drug injection in small volumes.

Maybe when we hear the name of syringe, only the pain and fear of childhood illness and of course maybe adulthood comes to our mind, but the fact is that the use of syringe

It is much more than these. There are oral and injectable types of syringes.

The assembled syringe consists of a cylinder and a piston.

Plunger Rod and plunger Stopper are two separate parts and are made of different materials.

A syringe is used to suck and expel liquid in a narrow channel, which is used for injecting or withdrawing liquids from wounds, etc.

According to the World Health Organization, about 90% of medical syringes are used for drug injection, 5% for vaccination and 5% for other purposes.

The syringe tank is known as the piston/cylinder/barrel housing in the syringe components, which has two advantages:

Being graduated, to adjust the amount of injected liquid and avoid any errors

  1. Being transparent, to make the person aware of the absence of air bubbles
  2. Piston: It is a set of Plunger Rod and Plunger Stopper components.

The Plunger Rod or piston moves the Stopper Plunger forward and is used to inject medicine using a 1 ml prefilled syringe in small volumes.

Stopper Plunger: A component that is connected to the front end of the Plunger Rod and blocks and seals the open end of the syringe cylinder.

Plunger Rods produced by Ako Sanat Company are for 1 cc syringes. And they are produced in two types of color and crystal.


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