Packaging Awards in Pharmex 2020

Packaging Awards in Pharmex 2020

PHARMEX exhibition is one of the most specialized pharmaceutical industrial event in the middle-east that annualy hold with competition in the different field based on innovation and economical, efficiency and effectiveness of the packaging, lower cost of manpower. AKO SANAT TEJARAT ARIA by participating in this competition could win the award their unique product(flip off 32).


Speciality of this unique’s AKO SANAT product(flip off 32):

Flip off doors, The new technology is Vial injection door Among its features are

 Possibility to differentiate injectable drugs by packaging doors

 Easy to use these doors compared to older technologies such as seal cap

 Irrevocable and impenetrable

 Beautiful packaging of injection vials

 Ability to engrave the logo in accordance with the order of pharmaceutical companies

                            Variety in product size proportional to injection vial size

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