Tear off cap 20 mm, new product of AKO SANAT for the first time in Iran

Unveiling of the first Tear off 20 mm produced in Iran

According to the uses of Glass Vial and types of Pet in the pharmaceutical, health and cosmetic industry, different types of doors have been designed and produced. Aluminum Cap, Seal Cap, Filip off, and Tear off are such these products. Each of these doors has its own advantages and uses.

Tear off cap  is the newest door produced by Ako Sanat company, which has been designed and produced for the first time in Iran. In addition to the advantages of Filip off, this door is fully openable, so contrast agents and concentrates that cannot be removed with syringe head, can be easily removed from Vial.

like Filip off, these doors are easy to open and will be comfortable for the user to use, and also the plastic embedded on the aluminum part of this product prevents the user’s hand from being hurt.

Ako Sanat is proud to save the quality of products and also designing new products in the field of pharmaceutical packaging, health and cosmetics industry.

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