The interview of engineer ojan Ahani, CEO of Ako Sanat, with Chemi Darou magazine

Engineer Ojan Ahani, the CEO of Ako Sanat Tejarat Aria, in a conversation with the reporter of Shimi Daro magazine, said: This company is a specialized producer of pharmaceutical packaging parts and accessories. Ecosanat Tejarat Aria started its activity with the production of caps for injection vials called flip-offs and developed its product portfolio. The products of this company are used in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, health and food industries.

Ojan Ahani added: Akosanat, with continuous efforts to maintain quality and in line with the realization of its development goals, is launching a new production complex in Barkat pharmaceutical industrial town. This factory with an area of ​​6000 square meters is being set up based on today’s world standards and the latest and most advanced production equipment.

Referring to the role of the government in the development of the country’s production, the CEO of Akosanat Tejarat Aria said: In developed countries, the government’s intervention in the issue of production is more of a support type, but in Iran, this issue usually has a deterrent aspect. It is better for the government to eliminate the inhibiting factors as much as possible and be productive. Also, the government can pave the way for manufacturers by providing low-cost facilities to manufacturing companies and removing burdensome export laws.

Ojan Ahani said about the goals of Ako Sanat in the 2021 Middle East Pharmex International Festival: As a leading company in the pharmaceutical packaging industry, this company prefers to be present at all specialized events so that it can communicate with its specialized contacts. establish and provide explanations regarding its new products.

He continued: One of the goals of Akosanat company is to understand the needs of the pharmaceutical industry, and attending the events and interactions that take place is very effective in understanding these needs, and it will pave the way for the development of the company’s product portfolio. Also, these events are a suitable platform to have a dialogue with our target community regarding the defects or problems that the previous products had, and the annual satisfaction assessment process is also carried out, so that we can improve our quality by solving the issues raised.

Ojan Ahani pointed out the export goals of his group in 1400 and said: “Akosanat Tejarat Aria Company is a member of a large holding and the export group of this holding is engaged in activities and feasibility of exports in Central Asia, CIS and Persian Gulf countries. With the specific planning that this group has for eco-industry, we will be present at the exhibitions related to these countries. It is obvious that the government can have a significant impact on the export of this industry by creating a suitable platform and providing the necessary facilities and arrangements to attend these exhibitions and introduce products.

He explained the plans of Ako Sanat Tejarat Aria in the field of job creation and development of production capacity as follows: At present, Ako Sanat has about 100 human resources, each of whom has different expertise in the fields of production, sales, administration and human resources. Speed ​​is progressing and developing and will establish one of the most modern and advanced drug packaging equipment manufacturing plants in Barkat Pharmaceutical Industrial City within the next year.

The CEO of Akosanat Tejarat Aria considered the holding of Pharmex 2021 festival to be effective on the status of Iran’s pharmaceutical industry at the international level and said: “Definitely, the establishment of events like Pharmex, due to its high participation and specialization, is a suitable platform for more interactions between pharmaceuticals and affiliated companies. And as a result, it will raise the quality level of this industry in the country as well as internationally. The efforts of the organizers of events such as Pharmax by following health protocols, in the conditions of the Corona pandemic, are commendable.

In the end, emphasizing the high quality of its products, Ojan Ahani said: Akosanat company, due to the quality of its products and the creation of an integrated management system and the use of experienced management consultants, succeeded in obtaining the ISO 9001:2015 certificate as well as (ISO 227116 GMP ) from TUV AUSTRIA company. This brilliant and well-known history of Akosanat made us participate in the production of domestic Covid-19 vaccines and cooperate with well-known and reputable pharmaceutical companies.


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