Why measuring cup?

Medicines are produced and marketed with different packaging and pharmaceutical forms. Pharmaceutical forms include tablets, ointments, ampoules, serums, syrups, etc. Each of these medicinal forms are specially packaged.

For example, syrups are poured into special jars. These glasses can be dark or light and transparent according to the composition of the drug and their sensitivity to light. The type of syrup can also determine the material of the lid (cap) of the product, which is, for example, aluminum or plastic. The washer foam used in the lid of the product can have different density and thickness under the influence of the drug composition. The form of syrup packaging has been constantly changing and improving according to customer and market needs and the sensitivity of the drug composition. Until spoons were added to the packaging of this form of medicine and made it easier for the user.


Over time, measuring cups were added to syrup packaging with more advantages than spoons. In addition to the more elegant appearance that they gave to the packaging of the syrups, the measuring cups allow the user to accurately measure the amount of medicine consumed, due to the fact that they are graduated, due to the sensitivity of the dosage of some syrups, especially for children, because they consume more than the doctor’s recommendation. It causes serious side effects and less consumption also reduces its effectiveness. Also, due to being placed on the lid of the product, they occupy less space and the packaging becomes more affordable.

Akosanat company, a specialized manufacturer of pharmaceutical packaging equipment and supplies, has produced this measure of medicinal syrup to develop its product portfolio. The quality and innovation of Akosanat company has made this company famous among consumers.

Akosanat has produced a transparent and higher quality measure by applying its change, improvement and unique design. The measures are precisely and clearly graduated. The volume of this company’s medicinal syrup measure is 2.5 to 10 cc.

The edges of this product do not have any appendages and pleats, so it is safer for the consumer to use it. The point of plastic injection is not visible in this product and it has a higher appearance quality than its competitors. For more details and order, you can refer to this link.

Experience confidence in quality with Akosanat.



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