Aluminium Cap 28 mm

Aluminium Cap 28 mm
Packaging and shipping
  • Box size : 41.5*38*49
  • Packages : Nylon,Carton ,Sharink
  • Number per box : 4000

Aluminum caps are used to close glass bottles of medicine, mineral and drinking water, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, or fruit juices.

Sealed aluminum caps are economical and provide good sealing. They are compatible with the contents of the bottle and are easily opened by hand and often resealable. Another feature of this product is compliance with packaging and environmental laws and regulations. This product is produced in different colors and with the ability to engrave a logo.
The sealing foam washer used in this product is PVC-free and provides optimal sealing. And several colors including gold, silver, white, black, blue and red.
Produced according to customer needs.

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