Rod Plunger

Packaging and shipping
  • Box size : 41.5*38*49
  • Packages : Nylon , Carton ,Sharink
  • Number per box : 15,000

Plunger rod is the main mechanism of prefilled syringes. Our products are made from polypropylene or polystyrene based formulations and have all the physical, mechanical and chemical properties required for safe drug injection. 1CC Eco plungers are produced in colored (PP) and transparent (PS) varieties.

The basis of this product is the injection of medicine using a prefilled syringe and it is usually used to inject medicine in small volumes. This type of plunger is for 1cc syringes. Plungers are produced according to the needs of pharmaceuticals in two colored and crystal types. The difference between these two plunger models is in the type of raw materials. The plunger is crystalline, transparent and colorless, while colored plungers are produced in all available color codes for flip-offs.

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