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Ako-Sanat Tejarat Aria Production Company was established in March, 2014. Accordingly, a team of experts in industrial fields, particularly special parts, gathered together to achieve the company’s goals.
By utilizing previous experiences in the field of medicine supplies and equipment, particularly the injection vial cap, Ako-Sanat aims at achieving all its goals and believes that it is responsible more than anything against pharmaceutical companies, nurses, and whoever that uses its products and services.
Ako-Sanat believes that it will take long steps in the competitive market though relying on the increasing energy and the creative and innovative potential of its staff.

Quality Policy :
1. Focus on the golden triangle of lean production i.e., quality, price, timely delivery of products, and making efforts to promote them globally in competitive levels.
2. Continuous improvement in all processes with the right planning
3. Expanding the activities and product development in the field of medicine supplies and equipment, particularly injection vial cap
4. Special focus on the committed and compassionate human resources and planning to promote their knowledge and skills
5. Focus on R&D activities as the lifeline of company to increase the product quality and to develop new products
6. Focus on employment and entrepreneurship towards business excellence

Perspective :
1. Being the best and most famous manufacturer of medicine supplies and equipment
2. Bringing the facilities to the international standards in the field of medicine supplies and equipment, especially injection vial cap
3. Production of new products with high technical specifications
4. Exportation to various countries
5. Obtaining international standards.

Mission :
“Production of medicine supplies and equipment with high technical specifications and meeting domestic demands and exportation of products”

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