Measuring Cup

Measuring Cup
Packaging and shipping
  • Box size : 41.5*38*49
  • Packages : Nylon,Carton,Sharink
  • Number per box : 2500

Graduated measuring cups are widely used for mixing, dosing and administering medicine in hospitals, clinics and pharmacies. Ako’s measuring cup is made of polypropylene and is rated from 2.5 to 10 ml.

In addition to the more elegant appearance that they give to the packaging of the syrups, the measuring cups allow the user to accurately measure the amount of medicine consumed due to the fact that they are graduated, due to the sensitivity of the dosage of some syrups, especially for children, because the consumption of larger amounts According to the doctor’s recommendation, it causes serious side effects and less consumption also reduces its effectiveness. Also, due to being placed on the lid of the product, it occupies less space and the packaging becomes more affordable. By changing, improving and its unique design, Akosanat has produced a transparent and higher quality measure. The measures are precisely and clearly graduated.

The edges of this product do not have any appendages and pleats, so it is safer for the consumer to use. The plastic injection point is not visible in this product and it has a higher appearance quality than its competitors.

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